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You can read the full list of objections by clicking the button “Read the Petition” below. There are only specific things that the planning department will consider when looking at objections. Unfortunately, common sense items, such as there being no need for a high-rise development, will not be taken into account.

Cassiobury House Petition

A developer has submitted a planning application to demolish Cassiobury House 11 to 19 Station Road. and build 43,000sq ft of office space, hotel and restaurant, comprising of 1, 4, 7, 8, and 13 storeys.

We the undersigned object to this on the following planning grounds:

1. The proposed 13 storey building is completely out of character surrounded as it is by Victorian properties - overbearing on the visual amenity of the area.

2. The proposed 7 storey hotel wing will be within 13 metres of residential properties. This will result in a huge loss of privacy for local residents.

3. The proposed destruction of the mature trees in Westland Road will have a negative impact on the visual amenity of the area.

4. The proposed Westland Road building line being brought forward with little screening will have a massive negative impact on the visual amenity of the area.

5. The lack of adequate planting, amenity area, the change of use to a hotel development will mean noise levels and privacy will suffer. This means 24/7 365 days a year change for the worst for all local residents.

6. The proposal is contrary to Policy SD3 on climate change, as set out in the core strategy of the Council’s local plan.

Most residents who have purchased properties in the area have done so with family, long term future, and community in mind. High-rise developments such as this will lead to an exodus, resulting in a shift in balance from owner-occupied properties to rental. This will destroy the community and negatively transform the area.

Watford Borough Council should refuse planning permission for this development in line with their own planning policies.

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