Protest Group

The Cassiobury House action group, in association with the Watford Central Town Residents’ Association, is currently fighting to save Cassiobury House from demolition. The developers, Tellon Capital, are planning to bulldoze the entire site on Station Road, cut down our beautiful and mature environment-friendly trees, and put up yet another 13 storey high-rise monstrosity in Watford. Tellon Capital say they are meeting the needs of the area. How does building 43,000 sq feet of office space, when they are right next door to vacant office space of 17,000 sq ft, meet community needs? Cassiobury House has had over 4000 sq ft of available office space for some time. Also planned in the build is a change of use to incorporate a hotel and restaurant. We already have 3 hotels in the area, 4 if you include the Quarters, which describes itself as a hotel for longer stays. Planning permission has been granted to Premier Inn, for a 5th hotel, so if this latest development gets a green light, we’ll have 6 hotels within yards of each other! Is that really meeting the needs of the area? It makes you wonder if Affinity has put something in their water supply!

If you feel that Watford has become a building site in recent years, you are not alone. The locals have endured years of non-stop destruction and construction, and we have had enough!

We would like to send a message to the politicians and planners, who are supposed to be working for us. People don’t want all these high-rise buildings springing up, disrupting our lives with noise, traffic, and pollution. Nor do we want to live in the shadow of these overbearing structures. At a time when the world is on fire and we are urged to reduce our carbon footprint, the developers still want to put up glass buildings? Affinity, check your water supply!

Have your say on how you feel about the non-stop construction work in our town, and take the first step by joining the fight to save Cassiobury House. You can make your feelings known by signing the petition on this page.